New Limited-Edition Animaland Print!

After many requests for a reproduction of the beloved space in Topeka’s Gage Park, I am accepting pre-orders for a limited-edition print of Animaland. The print is $60 + $5.37 tax and will be a high quality archival inkjet reproduction of an original illustration from my children’s book Noco. The paper used for the print is an Epson Velvet Fine Art paper, sized at 8.5 x 22″, which is the same size as the original. Shipping will cost $12.00.

Noco is 50 pages, 25 full spread mixed media illustrations combining photography, drawing, colored pencil, and watercolor. Each page depicts photographic backdrops of specific places throughout the Midwest that are directly connected in some way to my exploration of the heartland. Some of the Kansas locations included in both the story and illustrations include the Kansas Statehouse, Animaland at Gage Park in Topeka, Castle Rock Badlands, landmarks in Quinter, Kansas, stretches of the Kansas River, and many more. It is a simple story of leaving home, exploring beyond, and returning back with a renewed sense of wonder and respect. Noco can be ordered here:  Noco Order Form

This particular page of the book is set at Gage Park in Topeka, KS and is the illustration currently available for reproduction. The park was created in 1899. Within the park is a zoo, miniature train, carousel, and very unique play area called Animaland. This concrete whale is just one of the many gigantic creatures that have provided fun for children over the last several decades.

You can place an order for the limited edition Animaland print here: Animaland Limited Edition Print


Please allow up to 3 weeks for printing and delivery.


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