Children’s Book

I would like to introduce Noco, my children’s book. I wrote and illustrated the story.  The book was self published, locally printed, and released into the world in 2010.

Here is a short summary of the story:

Sometimes dreams can drift too far.  For Noco, a young prairie dog, daydreams drift often, but one day… too far.  With her Papa alongside, she embarks on a strange adventure through the Midwest.  What danger awaits?  What kindness lies beyond?   With hope and help along the way, they seek to return back home.

It is a simple story of leaving home, exploring beyond, and returning back with a renewed sense of wonder and respect.

Here are some mixed media illustrations from the story:

The book is 50 pages, 25 full spread mixed media illustrations combining photography, drawing, colored pencil, and watercolor.  Each page depicts photographic backdrops of specific places throughout the Midwest that are directly connected in some way to my exploration of the heartland. Some of the Kansas locations included in both the story and illustrations include the Kansas Statehouse, Animal Land at Gage Park in Topeka, Castle Rock Badlands, landmarks in Quinter, Kansas, stretches of the Kansas River, and many more.

You can no longer order Noco here… Sold Out and out of PRINT…  

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