Time-Shift Paradox

Time-Shift Paradox Installation :: Lawrence Arts Center :: 2018

Time Shift Paradox Map

We exist in a pivotal moment of human history. Corruption dominates the collective narrative, challenging our sense of reality and fracturing communal identity. Time-Shift Paradox suggests that the humanistic study of time is essential to resurrecting hope in a universal purpose.  Through an imaginative exploration of time, might we create a new narrative to deepen human connection and transform society?

To investigate this question, Marable and his team of creative allies transformed the gallery into a multi-media, science-fiction wonderland of three-dimensional environments using mostly reclaimed materials.  The installation brought to life a playful and poignant mythology and fully enveloped the viewer in a physical space that portrayed the antiquated headquarters of a time-traveling, revolutionary team of creative scholars and artistic activists. Their mission:  to promote change by intervening in pivotal moments of history to secure peace and cosmic justice for all.

This immersive installation was unlike anything ever attempted at the Lawrence Arts Center. Visitors embarked on a journey that mesmerized, enlightened, and challenged.


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Time-Shift Paradox : A Brief History

 In 1969, inventor and activist Avan Darvish, led a revolutionary team of creative scholars in a courageous movement to alter the collision course of industrialized society. The diverse revolutionaries were a cross section of the brightest minds of that time. The team consisted of artist/writer Tandra Mosen, scientist/historian, Dakota Aquene , and his prodigal daughter Amitola. With the aid of their revelatory cosmic transport device, Peacemaker I, the past and present could be redirected toward a more hopeful future. Through preliminary, relentless research and controversial testing, a breakthrough theory coined “Time-Shift Paradox” was proven to physically shift the cosmic movement of time. Many in the scientific community tried to debunk the team’s research. Sabotage ensued and spies were sent to recover secrets from their lab in the remote plains of central Kansas.

Into the early 1970s, they continued in their mission to promote change through shifting pivotal moments in history to secure peace and cosmic justice for all. Their universal all-inclusive mission assisted in slowing the relentless destructive path of empirical rule. Over time, they worked toward a more truly collective universal union of people power. However, with every step forward, there were two steps back, and soon they found themselves without funding and deeply conspired against by the underbelly of governmental powers. Due to many factors, and risking the exposure of their secret invention, they shut down master operation from their Kansas-based station and relocated to a hidden base deep within the heart of the Rockies.

From their new hideout, they continued their relentless research undisturbed by outside influence. The four members of the team became one collective unit. They lived and worked within the shared space developing a productive communal arrangement. Unlike most modern day communes, they were able to sustain their community through a devout dedication to their utopian ideals of time-shifting. Through the humanities, they found an outlet of expression to resist the systemic destructive paths of civilization. In the course of a decade, they had manipulated time and climactic moments of history to create a more centered balance of power and peace. In a shared environment and truly collective existence, their lifelong mission was underway to empower the powerless and dethrone the ever-present Monarchs of Industry.

A year later, in 1980, they embarked on an expansion to deepen the scope of their vision. To bring this vision into reality, they assigned one another with a specific title and position in their newly formed society for P.E.A.C.E. In the varying degrees of humanities, the team took on more defined roles in an attempt to spread their utopian ideals and create an awareness concerned with maintaining healthy human relationships with the Earth and each other. True equality for all, an established long view of Earth’s history, and the utilization of technology toward a sustainable world were aspirations at the heart of the team. Avan managed the Inventive Mechanics Division as well as the Division of Alternative Energy Solutions. Tandra diligently headed the Creative Print and Propaganda Sector. Dakota meticulously logged exposed truths of his eyewitness accounts of past history and developed the record keeping division into the extensive House of Revisionist History Archives. And Amitola, an incredibly gifted visionary, maintained the mainframe’s core of Infinite Imagination.

With a renewed organizational approach, P.E.A.C.E. began its first series of satellite operations outside of the Rocky Mountain region. In just a few years time, the Society had extended its reaches globally with 6 transport pods, one on each continent. The team’s utopian dreams of environmental stewardship, equality for all, and world peace were on the rise. All locations were kept top secret in remote regions of the world and surrounding civilization seemed to be shifting into a new positive direction.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 1982, this height of peaceful power was abruptly severed when the mountain headquarters was discovered and infiltrated by the incessant Monarchs of Industry. As a last resort security measure, they had built an impenetrable inner structure that sealed off any attack within the central hub of their living quarters, workstation, and housing for Peacemaker 1. The core power crystal, mainframe, and time traveling team were sealed inside. Fortunately for them, their cosmic transport device was still operational and through the course of a few days they were able to transport themselves to the other intercontinental pods of the satellite locations.   As a result of this force field, only Avan and his team were able to travel within and outside their headquarters of the Rockies.

Over time, the team grew older, the industrial powers gave up on trying to penetrate the base, and the future of P.E.A.C.E. fell into the hands of Amitola.   Understanding the importance of preserving Peacemaker 1 and keeping its secrets out of the hands of the Monarchs, Amitola began seeking new recruits and extending an invitation to defend the vitally important tradition of time-shifting.

For the first time in over 30 years, the Rocky Mountain headquarters has been opened in ultimate secrecy to those who seek universal understanding and a desire to transform the path of past and present into a hopeful and collectively engaged future. Visionaries, creative minds, problem solvers, activist, doers, all people prepared to make change, to alter the collision course of an ingrained systemic path, are welcome to tour and discover the secrets of “Time-Shift Paradox.”