Lawrence Journal World, Remaking History, A&E Sunday featured article by Nick Krug

Conversations : Justin Marable, Time-Shift Paradox, Podcast with Dan Skinner, Kansas Public Radio

Daily Kansan, In time-traveling art display, alumnus takes on need for change, article by Jayme Link

Hiawatha World, Hiawatha High School Students experience art first hand, article by Martina Bourland

KC Live!, Meet the Artist, Interview on KSHB-TV 41, Kansas City, MO

Topeka Capital-Journal, Artist’s massive installation transports viewers, article by Savanna Maue

A.D.D. Podcast, inteview with Jason Barr about Time-Shift Paradox

Topeka Capital-Journal, Artists seek to spark dialogue exploring climate change, article by Samantha Foster

Sunflower Journeys : Plains People, KTWU Public Television, aired 11/4/2010

Topeka & Shawnee County Library website, Sunday Afternoon with Kansas Author, 2011

Lawrence Journal World, Little Book on the Prairie, article by Terry Rombeck, 2010

Review, Book of Life: Justin Marable, article by Steve Brisendine, 2010

Topeka Capital-Journal, Super Saturday to ReThink Topeka, article by Steve Fry,Topeka, KS, 2010

Topeka Capital-Journal, Artists ‘rethink’ image of Topeka, article and photos by Jan Biles, Sept. 27th, Topeka, KS, 2009

Topeka Capital-Journal, Artists asked to ReThink Topeka, article by Christina Hansen, Dec. 18th, Topeka, KS, 2009

Planet Green, Greensburg: A Story of Community Rebuilding, my solo exhibition, Hope on the Horizon, at 547 Arts Center was featured on Season 1 final episode, September 28th, 2008

TLC, Making It Home: Greensburg, Cannon Family episode, Aug. 23rd., my artwork is filmed as it is chosen from 547 Arts Center by Doug Wilson as a gift for the family’s new home in Greensburg, KS, 2008

Lawrence Journal World, 5.4.7: KU students build arts center for Greensburg, article by Chansi Long, Aug. 16th, Lawrence, KS, 2008

The Oklahoman, Rural decay, urban sprawl, Art Review by John Brandenburg, Pg.4D, Oklahoma City, OK, 2008, Cloud Factory: Local Artists Funnel Magic from the Sky, illustration for magazine cover and website, August 25th Issue, Lawrence, KS, 2008

Art Now: Interpretation of New Styles in the Visual Arts, , artwork and blog interview, October 2007

Lawrence Journal World, The Faraway Nearby, Exhibit Review, Lawrence, KS, 2007

Hiawatha World, Creating a Lasting Image of Rural Kansas, Interview and Exhibit Review, Hiawatha, KS, 2007, A Map Is a Picture, Interview and Blog, Lawrence, KS, 2006

Lawrence Journal World, Holding onto Kansas, Interview and Exhibit Review, Lawrence, KS, 2005

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