Overtime, I have grown to love the subtleties of Kansas geography, its depth of history, and unique culture often hidden within the rolling hills, creek-side timber, and slightly-tilted flatland.  The longer I learn and grow within the Midwest, the more I realize these slight shifts across the landscape.  I often focus on the more colorful and dramatic skyward shifts over Kansas.

Within this new “Ingrained” body of work, however, I bring attention to a deeper and more ethereal view of Kansas landscape.   I utilize various types of lumber that contain both rich and subtle wood grain.  Various woods such as catalpa, box elder, spalted maple, spalted sycamore, and ash were used to create most of these pieces.  The imagery originally comes from photographs of my wanderings across the Midwest.  These scenes are common observations ingrained mentally within my memory and physically within the properties of wood.   Through this work, I present a depth of beauty to be discovered by those seeking and seeing more of Kansas than meets the eye.

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