Waste Not Mystics

Wonder Fair Gallery Exhibition in Lawrence, KS


Myth of the Waste Not Mystics

At the very end of the 20th century, a geneticist named Percival Tevius discovered a secret gene encoded in the DNA of a prehistoric Tarpan.  Upon this discovery, he crossed the DNA with a common domestic horse, an ancient Konik, and a sprinkling of sustainably harvested unicorn magic. His lifelong obsession led to the birth of what he termed, Equus magia Cornu, or “magic horn horse”.  Born of biological magic on the rural outskirts of a remote and landlocked village, the mystical herd came from humble and mysterious beginnings.  Unfortunately, Dr. Tevius, died soon after his discovery and the Equus magia Cornu became only a legend.  Years after his death, however, myth became truth when a local rancher and oil baron of the small surrounding town captured the gentle creatures.  They were forced onto the grazing grounds of a junkyard, raised in the waste of excess, and enslaved by an heir of 21st century chaos.  The mythical creatures fell victim to the baron’s toxic industry of exploitation.

Over time, the gentle but decisive peacemaker of the herd, Hyra, evolved as a keen observer of human behavior. After organizing a corral break, in 2010, she led a small but mighty alliance of earth-conscious creatures in a prophetic journey of epic proportions.  Hyra has now risen from the trash heaps of her humble homeland to become the newest leader of the Waste Not Mystics, a resistance formed to battle the encroaching chaos of consumer culture.  A simple oath binds each member to heal, reveal, and protect the beauty of nature in a complete commitment to conservation of the natural world.  Sustainable enlightment is learned in the process of resistance.  No longer will the mystics become innocent bystanders in worldwide abuse perpetrated by the empire of Petro Power.

In these scenes, glimpses of their epic journey are depicted through color-drenched moments of healing, revealing, and protecting the earth from the dark forces of extraction and exploitation.  Spewing from Petro Power’s central base, armies of corporate creatures brand the sky and land in full attack.  Through courage and soulful determination, the Waste Not Mystics defy impending doom, restore lost beauty, and unlock magic from within. Hopeful glimpses of victory can be viewed through their prisms of rainbow and start dust defense.

Less is more they whisper.  Conserve to preserve they shout!  Within their gentle subtleties and passionate vibrancy, Earth may be replenished for all.

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