Seeds of Imagination, Meadows Elementary Mural, Topeka, KS 2014-15

This epic mural was created on the 300 foot retaining wall at Meadows Elementary School. Started in 2014 and completed in 2015, it depicts a tree rooted in the seed of imagination, an interconnected breath of life, prehistoric animals, midwest icons, a diversity of children and flora, and features a mastodon, unicorn,  bison, and pterodactyl. This mural was painted over hundreds of hours day and night.  I had  assistance by members of the community and classes as Meadows Elementary School at times – with generous support from many individuals and in-kind support from USD 501, CJ Wright Contractors and Treanor Architects.

Sidewalk Tour (with my daughter Olive alongside :))

More about Topeka Mural Project here.