Time-Shift Paradox

We exist in a pivotal moment of human history. Corruption dominates the collective narrative, challenging our sense of reality and fracturing communal identity. Time-Shift Paradox suggests that the humanistic study of time is essential to resurrecting hope in a universal purpose.  Through an imaginative exploration of time, might we create a new narrative to deepen human connection and transform society?

I created an interactive installation to investigate this question, transforming reclaimed materials into a multi-media, readymade, do-it-yourself, science-fiction wonderland of three-dimensional environments. The installation brings to life a playful and poignant mythology. The exhibition fully envelopes the viewer in a physical space that portrays the antiquated headquarters of a time-traveling, revolutionary team of creative scholars and artistic activists. Their mission is to promote change by intervening in pivotal moments of history to secure peace and cosmic justice for all.  More on Time-Shift Paradox here. 


Consumed, was an exhibition/installation by me and Juniper Tangpuz consisting of screen-prints, mixed media paintings, sculptures, and installation art. We met at the University of Kansas in 2003. We joined creative forces to produce this new body of work. With color, form, satire, and iconic imagery, our work focuses on land use, energy consumption, and the impact that human consumerism has on Earth and its past and present wild life. Through introspection and honesty, we provided relevant insight to help cultivate an appreciation and respect for the earth and its inhabitants. Our biggest hope was to challenge the regional community with innovative artwork that emphasized the importance of environmental awareness and encouraged a deeper exploration of the contemporary social and physical landscape.

Golden Maps : Roadside Treasure

As part of my Golden Maps : Roadside Treasure installation at the Olive Gallery in November 2006, a video was created to accompany my prints. The video was created along a specified route in a day’s time all around northeast Kansas. The video was shot and edited by Jon Allen and music was written by Aaron Martin. I drove as Jon filmed the landscape and landmarks that was the subject matter of my prints in the installation.  Here are some slides of the installation also.

Red Roads and Plains

In 2008, this Red Roads and Plains video was created for an exhibition at IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City.  It was shot and edited by Jon Allen, concept and direction by Justin Marable, and music by Justin Marable and Clinton Marstall.  The video was shot throughout northeastern and central Oklahoma in a day’s time from sunrise to sunset.  Super 8mm film is used throughout too as we recorded small town ruins, sweeping prairie, bison, deer, nature preserves, roadside remains, etc.

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