KLC Commission Proposal

Here are examples of the 4 serigraphs to be created.  I discussed with Stephen the best way for everyone to get the attachments, and I figured linking directly to a website page might ensure that in the best way.
All pieces will be original hand-pulled serigraphs printed on 30 x 44″ sheets of Rives BFK using large scale silkscreens.  The four serigraphs will follow along a path through Kansas history starting from the purity of the land before settlement, to early farm life, to the railroad that transformed it all, and finally to the urban contemporary scene of downtown Wichita.  The color schemes will vary from piece to piece but maintain a harmonious balance.  The colors have been discussed and they are as follows:
serigraph_examples(from left to right)
“Purity” will contain peaches, yellows, and oranges in the sky above the pure Flint Hills landscape.
“Farmland Flight” will have soft blue and subtle green tones in the sky above the stone barn.
“Once These Rails Were Golden” will contain rich reds blending to softer red tones near the horizon.  The ground will remain the golden yellow color.
“A Metropolitan Beauty” will contain golds, soft yellows and oranges similar to the attachment.
To create these serigraphs I will need new and larger scale silkscreens as well as the large sheets of Rives BFK paper and various supplies involved in the exposure and printing process.   Because of these initial costs to get started, I am requesting 35% of the total $3,580 + tax.  I have attached an invoice for the total cost of the commission.  The requested initial installment of 35% to get started is $1,253.
I am excited for the opportunity to create artwork for the center!
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns at 785-580-5453 or reply back here atjustinmarableks@gmail.com.


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